The hardest part of
any system is naming đź’ľ


By nature, we are lazy, so we love creating systems because they let us design things once. We’ve created product design systems, UI kits, illustration libraries, and marketing toolkits. Regardless, the hardest part of any system is naming. If you know, you know.

Google Map

Google Maps

We worked with the Google Maps Studio team on a variety of projects, including creating the first dark mode spec and helping with their design system.


Sense is a multi-product platform used for hiring and recruiting. We helped them create a design system that included new primitives, and a new visual language.

Toyota Dealer Systems

Toyota Dealer Systems has built a multi-product platform, used to manage inventory, parts service, sales…We design all thems.


We work help a variety of teams with strategy, planning, and day-to-day UX design. We recently led a cross-functional effort to re-design the in app loyalty experience.



We worked with various teams at Twitter on projects ranging from event creative to executive decks, illustrations, and brand guidelines.


We developed Atlassian’s first illustration library. We created hundreds of illustrations that were used within Atlassian’s products, marketing, and websites.



We worked with the Indeed Design System team do some light vision work and extend the existing design system.