Words are hard—
we made pictures instead


Youtube university
slide into my pms
A freak in the sheets
drive me crazy
slack instant messenger
cut me some slack
cheat gpt
napster Spotify
like me
Chat GPT
safe search on
Amazon Noble
Tik Tok Times
As seen on tik tok
Tag you're it
zoom back to the office
Nervous Twitch
From the dawn of time
team player
Change of heart
match made in heaven
Honest pintrest
Make a mental note
fo sho
To the max
Dont shoot the messenger
passive aggressive comments
I see you
Figma layers
Worrying is greater than working
Leave me alone
command s the polar bears
commute to work
do not disturb
take all my money
actual story
square root of meeting = email
quick turn around
command c cat
command n year
outlook is cloudy
its not that binary
#fff lie
sowing seeds of discord
make space
cut meetings
open your mind
im just super sayan
netflix and sleep
zoom is slow
push off the edge
tubi or not to be
time to face the music
flash in the pan
uber is not
It's a whole new wordle
fast fw to figma
give me your word
thaw my ic_heart
make it pop
xero sum game
remember Evernote
teamwork is dreamwork
crazy like a Firefox
no two snowflakes are the same
I'm losing pintrest
oh, brother
full steam ahead
meta world peace
it's all lorem ipsum to me
Lord the ring
Meet my alter eggo
home away from home
think outside of the box
young at heart
find my motivation
my video is frozen
eight nin ten do
a friend in need is on indeed
i prefer stripes to plaid
apple a day
a feather in my cap